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With Thanksgiving

Hello beautiful friends-
It is about 9pm Thursday evening here in Addis, and I am sure many of you are sitting down to tables of turkeys, pies and family right about now.

Lulu is absolutely lovely. We have spent a few hours with her the past two days and she is us, we both recognize it and I think she does as well. We hope to share photos and video very soon and will as soon as we are cleared to. Speaking of such, as you will be sleeping tonight (or out shopping!) we will be appearing in court to finalize our intent to adopt. We are still praying for a miracle that our letter from the MOWCYA will be there in court tomorrow for our appointment. Thank you for praying with us!

Our time here has been a huge combination of emotions and been a journey of challenge at times but one we walk by choice, by faith, and as hard as it is to muster at times, with thanksgiving. I can’t even explain how being able to access email and Facebook intermittently has encouraged us. Usually there are many families traveling together on these trips, but it ended up that we have not had any other families along with us. So to be able to get online and read your sweet prayers and notes has been so incredible. It makes it feel less lonely, and that you all are on the adventure with us. We love you and have felt loved by you this week- so thank you.

During our visit this afternoon with Lu I was asking her if she likes music, because it’s kind of a big deal at our house. Rob pulled up a song on his phone and I sang along to her. I don’t know if the song he played was intentional or not, but after a morning of tears and frustration over this process and having to leave our crying baby in the arms of someone else, it was a song I needed to bring me back around to the truth. Hillsong United’s “Take Heart” was Lulu’s first official lullaby as a Richmond.
“Take heart, let His love lead us through the night, hold onto hope, take courage again…”

Happy Thanksgiving- your lives have filled ours with gratitude.

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