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When you could come Alive a little more today

“Most of the things we need to be fully alive never come in busyness. They grow in rest.” – Mark Buchanan//

The moments of the rushed and the hectic steal from under their guise of efficiency and worth. All the while pockets of life, bursts of wind for tattered sails, are overlooked and missed altogether in my whirlwind of haste. 

Life with a capital “L” is where it’s always been- waiting patiently for my return- with hopes maybe this round I’ll stay in close a little longer. 

The keys of sabbath, waking me alive today look like pink clouds at sunrise; words of honey from a friend last night leaving their sweet stickiness across my soul still today; the promise of a Saturday with my people, the promise of rest. In the slowing, I see a larger landscape and isn’t it the whole picture I long to discover and know intimately? 

Friend, what would awaken you to feel more fully alive today? 

May you find rest, and may it bring you to new life. 

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