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When the art feels too fragile

However it is you bring forth the art God places within- go and do. Please. We need you. Our world needs your words, your painting, your teaching, your cooking, your voice. The enemy of our souls knows if he can shut up the artists, darkness is one huge step closer to a win. This week has wanted to shut me up- and I’ve caught myself starting to dig holes in the dirt to hide my art away. Whether it was birthed out of self-preservation, weariness, or shock of staring the depths of our human depravity in the face- the gift felt too fragile. So let me hide it here to keep it safe. Safe and silent. Afraid.

I swore I wasn’t going to do that anymore- give fear a seat at the table. Funny how he shows up uninvited, disguised as a truth-teller, ever-poised to eat my lunch.

These few lines strung together, a couple dozen clicks of the shutter- they are my small offering of combat. One singular torch to help the world recall its beauty. Alone, I am unable to cover much territory- we need the collective artistry of one another to fight this war. I know we’re tired and hurting, I feel it. Bring what you can- shake the dirt from your tender talent and watch God’s army of artists remind Creation of her song.

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