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Traffic jams and terror

The minis and I were stuck in terrible traffic for over an hour earlier today. Hungry and tired after hashing out some challenging behavior from a member of my brood, I was just grateful we had plenty of gas in the car and no one was screaming for a toilet. Later, safe at home, fed and taking a moment of rest I start to read about Christians in Iraq- mamas with minis just like me, who believe in the One true God, just like me- being driven from their homes, brutally assaulted, and stuck in the wilderness with no food or water. The ferocity of our polar realities is almost too much- I have to walk outside, try and catch my breath in the August heat, let tears fall to the grass as I walk. I don’t know how to reconcile it all- the traffic jams and the terrorists, the fighting siblings and the fight to survive- all of us walking the same planet, crying out to the same God, but such vast difference to our individual worlds. And whether it’s the prayers from these Tennessee hills, or the desert mountains of Iraq, I know He hears us; I know He never abandons us on any hillside or any mountain. I know it. So even as I can’t find a way to see it, I say it, and I stand on it. As I walk back to the house I find myself imagining a mama on the other side of the world hearing my voice, my tears, mixed with her’s in prayer and hoping she knows she is not alone.


  • Rachel Quebedeaux - yes!! None of us more important, none less… all in love with our Father and joined together with Him….

  • MatthewandCourtney Aston - I’ve thought about this so much too. Trying to reconcile the fairness of it all. And I just can’t. Trying to be faithful where I’m at, knowing that God desires wholehearted disciples committed to following him, no matter where we live.ReplyCancel

  • Susan Bowman Cantrell - I just heard the US is going to airdrop food, water and medicines tomorrow morning to those who are trapped on a mountaintop in Iraq. ISIS has attempted to starve these people (including Christians) who have been driven from their homes just because they will not convert to Islam. God has heard prayers, moved hearts and now we must continue praying for these dear people all around the world….a world that seems to be on fire. Oh, Lord, how we need you every day, hour, minute, second…may our hearts break over the things that break your heart…may we be light in darkness…Amen. ReplyCancel

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