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Together FOREVER!

We have her!!! Fasika Louise Richmond is in our arms!
I am using the guest house computer, so I’ll have to upload photos from my phone later, but had to let you know she is with us and we are in love. She is doing really well – she walked right to me as her dear nannies cheered her on. She seems to have a cold still, with congestion and running nose. We are tending to her and are going to spend the afternoon resting and getting acquainted. Thank you for your prayers – this moment is surreal. Rob and I both keep saying it is not how we imagined in many ways because we are so much less emotional than expected. I think it is all happening so fast now that the emotions will catch up very soon. One of the nannies in-particular got me choked up, but I think I knew we will go back and visit them again before flying home so I was composed. They are beautiful women. We were able to take photos of many other children at the transition home for their mommies and daddies waiting the desperate wait for their forever. The children are the most amazing pieces of beauty – I could stare at them for hours. Please pray for them and their families to be united soon.
We will update more as we can. Love to you all!
p.s. Asher we MISS you!!!

  • Melissa - Yes! Congratulations! I was SO hoping to see this title this morning. Tears of joy for you, friend!!ReplyCancel

  • Jen Chase - Oh, Sarah…I’m so so excited for you. Thank you for showing those of us still waiting that it really will happen in God’s timing! Can’t wait to see pictures! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Brooke - I can’t see through my tears!!! I love you guys so much. I have so many things to say. xoxoReplyCancel

  • toni birdsong - I am dancing in Tennessee with you all! Can’t wait to touch her beautiful face and kiss her baby hands!

    God is good Sarah and He adores your sweet family. May the years ahead blow your mind of his mercy and grace!

    Worth the wait. Worth the desert journey . . . every tear put you in communion with the suffering of Christ. To Him be all GLORY!


    Love, Toni (& the Birdsong family)ReplyCancel

  • Betty Richmond - The emotions I feel is indescribable! I am elated, I am overjoyed and I am sobbing as never before! I am rejoicing with you! And I am thrilled she is walking. We have been praying she would remember you. See you at the airport. All our love, Mom and Dad R.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Phillips - Congratulations all around! Rejoicing with you!!!ReplyCancel

  • April Poynter - Yay!!!!! Crying!! I am so happy for you guys!!! Love you all!ReplyCancel

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