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Tiggers and Lulus Bounce

For some reason every time I watch this I think of all of Lulu’s friends from the transition home she lived in for her first year of life. The baby rooms at the House of Hope have several cribs lining the perimeter, all filled with a sweet Ethiopian babe. Every time we visited we would find some babies asleep, others vying for the attention of the diligent nannies caring for them, while others (like our girl) would usually be found standing up looking over the rails of the crib watching all the action. At this date, I believe every last one of those babes who shared life, cribs and nannies with Lulu have all gone home to their forever-families, and those cribs are now filled with new little eyes watching for their mama and daddy. So this one goes out to all of Fasi-Lu’s friends – as they bounce into their new lives and families all over the country.




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