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Thursday March 22nd, the final hours

Today is the day we start the long journey home – we are so excited to get back to our Asher and our beds and our showers! Today is also Emma bean’s 7th birthday and I can’t think of a better way for her to be spending it than playing with the kids at House of Hope, having her hair braided by Dibora and the nannies, and our amazing host at the Providence Guest House is currently preparing a special cake just for Em. To sit around the table with these other two families we have had the honor of walking this crazy week out with and celebrate our oldest daughter’s birth, the daughter who has such light and life and heart she is a joy to love. As we drove away from the House of Hope for the final time just about an hour ago, many of us were in tears. I heard a whimper behind me in the van and turned around to a sobbing Emma. Through her tears she said in staggered breaths, “I’m just going to miss the children at House of Hope!” Yes, Emma, you are a gift to our family and a gift to this life. Happy Birthday my beautiful luv.

We have spent so much time at the House of Hope and with our friends, it has far exceeded my hopes. We have a TON of photos and video – I can’t wait to deliver them to some of the parents back in the States waiting for news of their children. It made me beam to see Emma form bonds not only with the kids, but also some of the nannies and for them to tell me how sweet she is. When we finally said our goodbyes, there were an abundance of tears, hugs and kisses.

This afternoon we are headed to Bright Hope School to visit the children there and then we will make our final preps to head to the airport. I will try to update once we get to the airport as well – we are hoping to get there ahead of long long lines that can form.

This experience has been incredibly full. Very difficult and stretching while also abundant in gifts from Heaven. We are boarding a plane with our baby girl – the baby girl you all have loved and prayed over right along side of us for nearly two years. To think we will soon be able to look many of you in the eyes with Fasika in our arms is a glorious thought! Our flight is scheduled to arrive Friday evening around 6pm – please email Jennifer Scoggins at: if you want the exact times and location of our arrival to join in the celebration.

Love you all our dear supportive ones!


  • Robyn - I love that precious Emma. This is a life changer for her and I can’t wait to see how god uses it 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Phillips - Praying for you all as you fly home today!ReplyCancel

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