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The Clarity of Benediction

Day Five:

Though the mirror I look through be dim, my path remains lit a step before my stride

While I wrestle with justice- grieving with mothers on either side of borders, still You are near

As I seek, You draw me closer, mind and temper afire calm, vision focuses and the mirror still hazy in places, reflects clearer in others

God, I ask and believe for my eyes to open to my weakness in Spirit, that I may know my need for You deeper

May my sin halt me in my tracks, causing me to mourn where I have hardened against Your heart

Grow in me meekness to soften hard edges, pulling up weeds of arrogance and self-righteous indignation

Increase my appetite for pure righteousness- cleansing intentions of heart and mind

Expand my capacity for mercy- for the wicked and the just- as I myself have been both, and merciful you are with me

Turning from my sin, create a purity of heart, that though I may not see the road ahead clearly I walk step by step to your Voice with integrity

Stoke a flame of peace within me, forgiving others quickly, with empathy and reconciliation spoken in sincerity

Thank you for the opportunity to come under persecution for your name, God. With hopeful resolve, keep my gaze set on the things above this earth no matter what people may think or say.   

Thank you for delighting in the prayers of your people. Hear our cry this day for Your Kingdom to come, here on Earth as we ache with every passing day to reign with you in Heaven. 


(1 Corinthians 13; Matthew 5)


These photos were taken from the Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus took his disciples to teach what we know as the Sermon on the Mount. The Bible tells us Jesus went up to the mountain because of the crowds following him. The acoustics of the cove where the Mount sits has been the subject of studies and discussion, because it is believed the masses on the hillside and shoreline below were able to take in Jesus’s teaching. Modern-day pilgrims continue to test the theory, finding it is possible to hear one speaking from on top of the Mount (where the above photo was taken), down on the hillside leading to the shore of the Sea of Galilee. You can read more here and here.




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