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Sunday March 18th, Addis Ababa

Hi – Thank you all for your prayers. Rob and I are both feeling much better. We had some antibiotics with us from the travel clinic and started those yesterday, I personally feel nearly 100% better today. My fever seemed to break overnight and I am far less achy today. We continue to pray for both the girls to improve – Emma is handling everything so so well and Lulu is working through all the expected hardships of transition. She is a very happy girl, but is obviously experiencing some shock and relearning of normals. She is connecting very well to us however, and for that we give great thanks.

Today we spent some time with our friends the Dashiells after their flight arrived this morning. They have now gone on to another region to do some volunteer work for a couple of days and we are anxious for their return so we may reunite our baby girls, and spend a couple more days together before we head home. Another family from our agency also arrived last night and we look forward to seeing them this evening.

Tomorrow morning is our interview at the US Embassy. Thank you for praying all goes super smoothly and Lu’s VISA will be issued quickly. that is the final piece of paper we need in-hand to bring her home. This all still seems very much like another world or life – I keep expecting a wave of emotion to topple me. My dear friend Stacy commented this morning that its as if we are afraid to allow ourselves to let go – it has been such a road of hopes severed for so long. I know it will hit me at some point, but for now we seem to be soldiering on.

Sorry for the quick update – I hear a bit of a meltdown happening upstairs from our room and better give Rob some reinforcements. Thank you again for praying – I know I am feeling so much better today as a result.



  • Robyn - Im so glad y’all are better! Praying for each day… Just can’t wait to see pictures 🙂 I love y’all!ReplyCancel

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