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Sun Starved

The sun had been shining full and bright in our January skies for three days straight, bringing with it a tangible lifting of souls. My own now acutely aware how even with the unwavering knowledge of its sure rise each morning behind all those clouded over and gray days- it is the beating down warm on my face days I crave. To watch light’s rays dance through tree branches and eyelashes, to chase it down on country roads at dusk. My appetite for light, insatiable, increasing with every monochromatic winter.



Arms raised and voices loud on a Sunday morning we sing,

“All eyes will look on Your glorious face

Shining like the sun

Who is like You, God?”*

For just a moment it’s as if the roof has been pealed back, my face turned to the sky shines warm in the presence of Glory. And I see – behind all my clouds, all my soul-gray, Jesus is there shining like the sun down upon me. Never leaving nor lessening in burden-lifting Glory, despite what my weak curled-in-a-ball-until-fairer-skies faith says.

Standing, head lifted to meet His warmth, it is the three days of restorative earthly sunshine for which I give thanks, yet in the exhale of gratitude my spirit is given a glimpse of eternity’s Light awaiting. Our promise of no more clouded view, no veil of gray between my face and His. If three days of sunlight has such power to lift, filling sleepy lungs and spirits, what unimaginable wholeness awaits- an eternity spent face to face with the Light of the world? Moment passing, I am left with a peace.  Resolved to the persevering in hope and promise of Home; with a bottomless craving of Light to feed me through all of life’s winter.


*lyrics: Holy, by Matt Redman

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