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One year ago today my phone rang, bringing the news we had prayed and hoped and waited on for several months. It was June 24th, 2011 when we first heard the name Fasika, first laid eyes on the biggest brown eyes we have ever seen, the first day we became a family of five. What a year it has been- full of the greatest battles and greatest triumphs of our lives. Battles we would fight all over again if asked.
We love you Fasika Louise Richmond- you and all your laughter, spunk and adventure. May God’s Hand in your life and through our love continue to redeem what was stolen from you as a precious baby. On the hardest of days, we all would still choose to fight for you, we will always fight for you luv. Always. Happy Referral-versary!




*photos courtesy of Jen & Chris Creed Photographers (exception: referral photo)

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