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Queue to Queue

Hi everyone – Did I really say we were in the final 6.2? Today it is feeling closer to the final 602, but we’re getting there, step by laborious step. We received an update back from the US Embassy early this morning confirming they have received all of the additional information they requested for our case last week, and our case is now in the “phone interview queue.” We expected them to conduct a phone interview with the police officers involved in Lulu’s case, and this is consistent with the other cases we have been monitoring via blogs, etc. The encouraging thing is, for the vast majority of cases we have been watching, once these interviews take place the family is cleared very quickly to travel. The disheartening part is there is no telling how long it could take to reach the necessary officers on the phone, or just how far down the queue we are at this point. Our chances of being on a plane by Sunday are starting to look dim, but we are still praying for our file to be at the top of the stack and the interview to take place tomorrow. Your continued prayers for the details in our case to come together immediately, as well as for our continued peace as we try to rest in the larger story being written here are as always incredibly appreciated.

Love and Gratitude,

-Sarah & Rob

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