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Putting a face to our prayers


Day Two:

May faces fuel our prayers, our voices, our powers that be;

May it be the faces of families, of fathers taking sons to school,

of brothers and sisters running over cobblestone streets,

Mothers’ faces gathering to compare notes on the latest parenting challenge;



May their faces stay fresh on our minds, stoking the flame of our prayers for protection and peace;

the faces of an aging couple, hand in hand on a city bench,

the boys in the alley playing ball,

God, remind us- people over politics, stories over statistics,

Burn in our hearts for their’s, Revive our apathetic minds, remove our blinders so we may see and know the faces of your created people. 

Protect the people of Israel Lord, physically and emotionally. Pour out your mercy and wisdom for the unexplainable, demanding explanation. 

Rise up in your Power and Love, penetrate all fear with peace surpassing all understanding.



May the faces of a weary nation be drawn to the matchless face of the Prince of Peace.

Thank you God for the faces of Israel. 

Protect and Keep them this night,





These photos were taken on the streets of Jerusalem’s Old City . Covering just around 220 acres, the Old City contains four quarters within made up of the Jewish quarter, the Moslem quarter, the Armenian quarter and the Christian quarter.

  • Susan Bowman Cantrell - May the hand of Almighty God cover Israel and Jerusalem…protect, support and provide for every spoken and unspoken need. May they have peace in their hearts even when there is great unrest around them. May they look to You, O Lord, for wisdom, courage and strength. Amen.ReplyCancel

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