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Pumpkins & Puppies



If only life was all puppies and pumpkins. Alas, there are a lot of hard, ugly in-betweens to our days not pictured here, and yet moments such as this are just as real as any of the others. The messy, the tidy, the loud, the still – all of it together rounds out our #reallife.
These young warriors have some tough battles being waged between them and this broke down world. It is heavy to watch and exhausting to parent. Some weeks we triumph and some are packed tight with losses. The defeat has felt deafening of late, but so has the laughter, and it doesn’t make any sense yet rings perfectly true. Joy in pain, peace in storms- the paradox of family.
I gather up each moment, every layer to our story- the sweet and tender, the painful and wayward- and ponder them close and quiet. No, it will never be all pumpkin patch days, but I will take the snippets as they appear, marveling at these cute faces while sharpening their swords for another day of worthy battle.


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