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Happy November, and National Adoption Month! The wonderful blog resource, We Are Grafted In, has been more than kind to our family in showcasing our adoption t-shirts on their site and now as part of a post on the various fundraising families out there. Whether or not adoption is a call on your specific family, supporting those walking through the process is something we all can contribute to. Of course financial support is amazing, but your prayers, kind notes and messages are valued greatly. To know other people are praying for our daughter-yet-to-be, and loving her and us through this time inspires us on. We all play a part in the redemptive stories of these children, regardless of the home where they may lay their head at night. We thank you again for being a part of our journey and hope you are inspired to respond in some lovely way to the 147+ million orphans of the world.

Hi everyone! Our updates have been scarce over the past month or so simply because we have been mired in paperwork, document approvals, county approvals, state approvals, on and on…Plainly put, we have been working hard, but on things that are entirely too boring and tedious to make you read about. So, you’re welcome. 🙂 Joking aside, we are hopeful and prayerful the end of the paperwork is near, and we will have more substantial news to share soon.

Along with the finalizing of documents comes another fundraising event we are putting together. The huge yard sale our friends organized and ran for us in late August was such a success we have decided to give it another go next weekend. Through the amazing donations we received for the last sale (including couches, desks, computers and light fixtures!) we raised just under $2200! We were exhausted, but elated by the end of it all. So elated (and punchy) we all some how ended up “placing our bets” on how much we had raised prior to the final count, deciding the winner would be the lucky recipient of a lovely maternity dress  our hosts had donated. The picture below will speak for itself as to who was had the closest estimate of our earnings (We love you Lee!). Our next sale is coming up on Friday and Saturday, October 22nd and 23rd (7a-12p) on Bratton Place Drive in Franklin, TN. We have already been receiving more item donations – y’all are so incredible! If you are cleaning out closets, garages, kid’s toy rooms, etc. and would be willing to contribute to the sale, let us know. We are happy to arrange a time to have you drop items off to us or we can come to you to pick them up. THANK YOU in advance – I keep thinking about all the people who have already showered our Ethiopian daughter with so much love, and she doesn’t even know it yet!

Love to you friends!

-Sarah and Rob

August Yard Sale recap:

Tired, but all smiles. Our amazing friends and yard sale experts: Carol, Lee and Kristy with Rob and me

the Winner! gingham never looked so good

  • Sarah Underhill - Hi Richmonds! Just saying hi! We’re an adopting family from Ethiopia too and randomly found your blog. We’re in the Hendersonville area! We’re with Gladney and been on waitlist about 7.5 months for siblings 0-4. Anyway, just saying hello!!ReplyCancel

    • sarahrichmond - hi Sarah – thanks so much for connecting! I look forward to reading more about your adoption story – take care!ReplyCancel