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Lulu encountered rocks today at the playground. I thought for a moment we had discovered a way to actually keep her still, but alas it was a short-lived breather. With a little encouragement those teeny feet were back to nearly full speed. From rocks, to staircases, large hillsides and aggregate driveways – this girl is not slowed down by much of anything. We are bracing ourselves now for Miss Fearless on our beach trip next month.


Lulu is missing her friends. She spent the first year of her life in a room full of playmates, and just like that they are gone from her every day. One of her former roommates and pals, Hana is also now home with her family. I’ve talk about Hana’s family here before, as we became deep friends through our wait to bring our girls home. Hana’s family recently sent out a sweet letter and card announcing her arrival, and it is a good thing I opened the mail the day it arrived or else I don’t believe I would have had a chance to see the card myself. Lu has taken full possession of the pictures of her beloved friend, and will YELL! at anyone who tries to take it from her. Today, Lu was walking around with Hana’s picture again when she brought me the photo album we had left with her in Ethiopia when we went our first trip. It is full of photos of us and her and our house – many families bring these books to their kids to help them have a reference for their soon-to-be-forever- family. What Fasi Lu was asking me to do struck me as both highly intelligent and incredibly sweet.


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The Doctor’s office that is…We have been weighed and poked and prodded and drained of blood and had samples collected of things no one should ever be subjected to gathering, and then back for more prodding a couple days later. Sleepy Lu has been a sport for sure.
We knew when going down the International Adoption road, the unknowns become your reality. How many times we remind ourselves, the right path for our family does not default into the easy path. But look, we have this amazingly gorgeous child to accompany our trek through the tough terrain. And just as we nodded heads two years ago to a social worker who asked, “Are you prepared for this?” we remain emphatic. Yes, it is most worth it.

May you find worth in your battle today friends.