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For those of you who have known me for a long time, possibly pre-kids or even the me with one child, and have wondered what happened to the woman who at one time could form complete sentences and comb her hair regularly…I present thee with an explanation of my brain cell loss. Someone hold me.

The truth of the matter is Fasi has been on the go-go-GO from about the very moment her tiny toes tested the waters of freedom back in March. I remember distinctly on our second day together with her thinking, “Oh my, I do believe we are in for a very different road than I had anticipated,” upon realizing our tiny Ethiopian babe, had a powerful pair of legs to get herself places and a mighty will to make it happen.NOW! She has not slowed in the slightest, only increased in speed and recklessness bravery regarding her adventures. We shall see where those little powerhouse legs will take her, but for today it was sweet to just watch Lulu run free in a place that ached for her to join into the abundance of life found on the simplest of afternoons.

  • Anne - Sarah, Ephrem is enthralled with this video! He hasn’t sat for so much as a commercial since he’s been home but he sat and watched this six times in a row sighing more more more each time it ended! I wonder if recognized your girls, or your voices, or just wished he was there running with LuluReplyCancel

    • sarahrichmond - Oh my goodness Anne – that is so sweet and a little heart-breaking knowing we are so far apart! E left a lasting mark on all of us for sure. xoReplyCancel

The worst sin that can be committed against the artist is to take him at his word, to see in his work a fulfillment instead of a horizon. -Henry Miller

New things on the horizon my friends, but aren’t there always? If we keep moving, no matter the pace, the horizon will forever hold an altered landscape. As we shift from the hot of summer to the crisp of fall, the fog around my own slowed pace is clearing every so slight. Just enough to remind me of the new ahead. I appreciate and cherish your companionship on the road, whatever the forecast. Onward we walk. Love, -Sarah

I will never understand why we can’t manage to coordinate the start of big-kid school with that of preschool for the littles. Powers that be, can you work on that please? Us mothers who have been running the elementary school carpool or three weeks now while our preschooler asks for the 7,000 time today why he can’t go to school as well would sincerely appreciate it! Okay, rant over. Today was finally Asher’s turn for school and he was quite thrilled. We hope next year to have both he and Emma at the same school which will be its own explosion of cuteness in uniform polos and khakis, but for now we are loving watching this little man grow up in height, humor and mischief. Well, I personally could go without all the mischief, but one day I know I’ll think it was such a “fun” stage. maybe.

We love you Ash-man! Lulu is a little lost here without you, but she is consoling herself by walking around in your shoes and chewing on your toys. I know you secretly love that about her.