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One month in frames

Okay, so no shocker here, life with three is taking some adjusting. At moments it is a melt-your-face-off kind of shock to our system of crazy we had actually grown to love around here. Now, it’s straight up pandemonium. My apologies, I tend to get dramatic when over tired. But you have to admit, what’s a blog post without the word “pandemonium?”  Seeing as we are covered in kiddos from sunrise to some days well past sun’s set. Finding time to blog and write and actually take photos with my CAMERA instead of my iphone, well, I’m not there yet. So while I don’t have many words to share with you – or more accurately the energy to type them all out- we have accumulated quite a few snapshots and videos from our first month home with Lulu. She really is doing well – even our biggest challenges are incredibly minor all things considered in the world of adoption. One month home already – gracious, time can fly when you aren’t fighting State Departments and broke down systems trying to get your baby back in your arms. Oh, just typing that sentence gets me all fired up – yes, more story there, but first – I need a nap.



Some of our first adventures and everyday moments as FIVE:

I found this on my phone one day after Emma and Fasi Lu had been hanging out. I love it.

The latest footage of our busy girl – one month in Tennessee and she has already gone country:

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