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My Roots Lie Here

A few weeks ago I ran across a print by way of Pinterest, that I loved for Lulu’s room. The piece from a line entitled “My Roots Lie here,” also caught the eye of several friends, and soon enough they were messaging me about the perfect find for Lu. At the time I ordered it, it was by way of a website One King’s Lane, but it is not currently available there. I did find it, along with several other countries and state options on etsy here in case you would like to buy one as well. I love the world map option and may have to add that to my wish list. Here are a couple iphone shots of Fasi Lu with her new print (the pointed finger is trademark Lulu and all her doing):

Tomorrow marks three months since we reunited with our baby girl. In all honestly, I was really expecting and hoping by three months most of our transition challenges would be long gone. We are day by day seeing small steps of progress in the hearts of each one of us, while also recognizing the work we have yet to do. Thank you for your continued prayers and support – we are grateful and complete as we are all together but also appreciate your prayers for the continuing process of weaving our family together. This month also marks a full year since our referral of Fasi Lu was received, and in the coming days I hope to share some of our thoughts in looking back over what God has done this year. A connecting of dots with the luxury of hindsight, so to speak. Three months together has produced great strides in many areas, and as I think back to 12 weeks ago, almost immediately a couple developments come to mind. Lu’s walking has improved and developed to the point where she now dances on one foot, runs, and even tackles large downhill treks. She also has found her laughter. When we first brought Lu home, Rob and I would often comment how she didn’t laugh out loud – she would keep her joy and laughter stifled and stuffed behind her smile. She now laughs often and loud and for that we are joyful. I’ll leave you for now with the latest video clip of our brood. This was captured last night on one of our many evening picnics, a time and place we all seem to be at more peace. I think you’ll see Lu’s personality starting to bloom, and it is also complete with annoying commentary from Rob and me – who doesn’t want to watch that? 🙂

Have a beautiful day friends!


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