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March 20th, Addis Ababa

We have been on the go all day today, and it has been really great. To start, I actually slept more than 3 hours last night so that was incredible for my health. This morning we visited the House of Hope again for a bit while our friends’ daughter took an english exam. How sweet is that? The older kids were in their little school room taking their exam, helping prepare them for life in the States and also learning geography of their home country. It was very sweet to see how excited the children were to take the exam – they have been talking about it all week. During the exam it gave us more opportunity to spend time with the babies and toddlers so many of whom we know have families waiting for them at home. To be able to interact and love on a child and know their mama’s name and think, “I can’t wait to tell her your smile lights up the space around you,” or “you are a really superb soccer player,” has my heart full. There are two little toddler boys and one specifically really ended up gravitating to Rob – he sat on his lap and wrapped his arm around Rob’s back for quite some time. Outside of us reuniting with Lulu, it was the biggest smile on Rob’s face I have seen the entire week.

The rest of our day was spent visiting the national museum and also doing some quick shopping. Tonight we are headed to a traditional dinner with cultural dancers. Rob and I ate at this particular restaurant on our last trip and the food is wonderful. The performance is pretty much for the tourists, but we think Emma and Lulu will enjoy it.

Feeding is still a fight with Lu – she basically screams while we force cereal in her. By the end, we are sweating and covered in dried baby cereal, but she immediately stops crying and we know she is at least getting some food in her. We are definitely ready to get her home and start broadening her menu. Today Lu has started to reach more for me and cry at times when someone else has her and she sees me – so that is a good sign. She is such a busy, ┬ábig personality – we now have three high-energy, full of spunk kids. This makes me laugh – Rob and I are pretty boring people. Our kids are making up for that apparently.

We have two more days here in Africa and then begin the long trek home. Those flights are something we have been dreading since we began this process – so all and any prayers are so so appreciated.

Love to you all – can’t wait to see many of you.


  • Anne - Oh Sarah how I loved reading about the two little toddler boys in your post today. It is such a comfort to this mama to know that you are there and loving on my boy. Thank you SO MUCH!ReplyCancel

  • Julie Dumond - Lord we thank you for all you have done and continue to do in the life of this family. We give you honor and praise for your providence is forever. We humbly come to you now to ask for comfort and peace during the flights home. This is a long trip with little ones. May you give Your strength and YOUR peace to this mom and dad who adore you. Lord let your glory fall upon this trip home to the states. And give God appointments to and for this family. We lift our voice to the Great I AM who is and was and will always be.
    In Jesus the Strong Son of God- Amen.ReplyCancel

  • PEg - Sarah,

    About the feeding: Charlie came home with acid reflux. He’s now on Previcid. I *think* LuLu may also suffer from acid reflux. Charlie would scream and scream and scream at meal times. He would spit food out and scream some more. It was awful.

    After two days on Prevacid, eating became “normal.” Very very very normal. Now he eats like a champ.

    When you get home, please talk to your doc about this possibility.ReplyCancel

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