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Like a Child

The video below is what happens when you (and all your friends) have been praying and waiting SO patiently for your baby sister to come home, and after nearly two years the glorious news comes moments after you had left for school. If you should ever find yourself in this situation you will learn:

1. Your mom is in fact crazy as you have long suspected, and will at random interrupt your school day for a surprise.

2. Your mom has equally crazy, but incredibly gigantic-hearted friends who will join her cause. Thank you again for manning the crazy-mom cam hthr.

3. Surprises confuse you. As in honest to goodness straight-up perplexed. And still, your mom continues to orchestrate them – one day with the hopes of bringing you over to her side of crazy. Don’t fight it. Embrace the mom-crazy. It’s the only way.

4. Your little brother loves to surprise you too, but not as much as he likes to spear your friends with mom’s umbrella and pick his nose for the camera.

5. You have amazing prayer-warrior friends, even at six-years-old. Your crazy mom and her crazy mom-friends learn more about their tested faith from your rock-solid faith every day.

6. You are beautiful. Your beautiful face will be on a plane in FIVE days. A journey that will bring you face to face with your sister for the very first time. This reality will cause your crazy mom to cry at random several times throughout the next few days. Again, do not be alarmed. They are tears of pure JOY.


  • Krista - I am crying as I watch this! I am so incredibly excited for you and your family. Especially for Emma!
    Lord Rock Emma’s world!!!! Rock Lulu to sleep in your arms of love for a couple more days until you hand her over to Mommy and Daddy for a lifetime of co-parenting with you. Thank you for entrusting this beautiful baby to them to have and to hold. Hold them, carry them as they await the precious day to be reunited.
    Only a few more days until promises are fully fulfilled!!!
    Much love from all of us! Standing with you.
    Gal 4ReplyCancel

  • Rashelle - Watched this and cried for four reasons. 1. that God has answered your and all of our prayers for LuLu to come home. 2. Its you and I miss you. 3. Emma’s response. 4. Libby Spradlin is so excited, jumps up to love on Emma. 4. It’s Grace!!
    Love you all dearly. Prayers are now for safe travels, sweet bonding, health and easy transitions for all of you!!!:)ReplyCancel

  • Bev Pitts - Loved how the little girl came over to give Emma a hug — so sweet!!ReplyCancel

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