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Lessons in un-braiding

It always pains me to take Lu’s braids out- thinking of all the work they are to create. Most often the majority of the style remains intact and neat, but the wear and tear in other places gets to a point where all you see is the messy surrounding the beauty underneath all that frizz.


As I sit and gently undo each cord of three- so not to damage the individual strands- I can almost see Jesus standing over watching my work. His words acknowledging my thoughts like a kind squeeze to the shoulder.

For several days now I have been grieving a similar undoing in our family’s life. As with these simple braids, there is a mourning after the effort and time we have committed to building something beautiful but over years has become messy around the edges, dull from the stresses of living. Those stray pieces detracting from the canvas as a whole, we commit to a change – to a new design for our life for a season.

The only way to build again is to first undo.

So with care- and some tears, the dismantling of what was commences; not to leave us wayward and wild, unbraided from His vision, but to clear the grounds, wash us clean and strand by strand create something new. something beautiful.


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