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Learning to Love as Five || Lulu’s first year Home

Hello!  [blows five inches of dust off blog] If anyone is still out there…Hope you are well. Between Instagram, facebook, and that whole parenting thing, my days of blogging appear to be numbered. I did want to make sure to mark in time a great milestone for our family as we celebrate one year home with Lulu this week. March 24th marked one year since we stepped back onto Tennessee ground as a family of five with Fasika Louise in our arms. The adventure has not been easy nor always as pretty as it can appear in photographs, but it truly is a miracle. We are grateful and better being a part of this miracle of love. Here is a little slideshow compilation of our adventure from Ethiopia to now. Thank you for all your love and prayers for our family.



Learning to Love as Five from sarah richmond on Vimeo.

A visual compilation of Lulu’s first year home and our adventure of learning to love as a family of five. Love is a miracle. Let’s be a miracle. Song credit: Miracle, Sara Groves

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