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Kindness, Songs & Chocolate

I have incredible friends. Friends who may not know how or why my heart aches the way it has these past three months, but they try their darnedest to understand. And as they aim to relate, they love the best ways they know how. This love has shown up in my mailbox, my email, on my doorstep, and with each gesture of kindness I am humbled by the daily provision God provides to carry me through another day. Things have been pretty heavy around here on the blog- honest and real, but weighty. And while our lives have been placed on pause in many areas until our baby girl can be home with us forever, our days are not void of all joy, kindness or smiles. Emma and Asher make us laugh until we cry, blow us away with their insight into this crazy life we lead and greet us daily with enough snuggles and kisses to soften our jaded edges. Even in our time of famine, we have had more than enough (Psalm 37:19).
I thought today I would share just a few of the dozens of ways you all have kept joy alive in our family these many months. We pray you receive gifts back 100-fold for every prayer, every song, every piece of chocolate you have offered.

p.s. Tomorrow marks one full week since we received the confirmation our file had arrived at USCIS in Nairobi. We are very hopeful for our clearance to come this week, and specifically tonight. Thank you for joining in our prayers for a midnight celebration! xo

My friends know the way to my heart- treats!:



A couple of the sweetest girls ever have sent love via video. Here is my good friend Emma:

And Lulu’s future best friend, Claire:


And while we can’t be with her, other adoptive parents in their kindness have loved on Lulu and sent us new pictures like these:


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