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Fifty two weeks later


This weekend marks the one-year anniversary of our move from Wondergrove to Knoxville, and I am sitting here in one of my favorite spots in the house thinking how much life has played out in only 52 weeks. Weeks that have stretched me, exposed my vulnerabilities, and pushed me to walk outside of my personal zone of comfort. These have been days of adventure mixed with mundane, times of tears and also deep side-aching laughter, moments of doubt amongst waves of purpose and calling. It has been everything I imagined it would be, and yet nothing I could have ever expected.

And isn’t that just life?

I won’t lie, there is a found gratitude for the treasures and lessons the past 52 weeks have carried, but I am also excited (and slightly relieved) to press on from the initial growing pains of such a season of change. For all the ups, downs and arounds, I know this is my spot in the sun for now- my place in the story God is writing. And I get to show up, draw the curtains every day and watch His Light flood a darkening world. We all do, really. Wherever we find ourselves, opportunity calls and the tools required promised. Ahead lays another 52 weeks of harvest ripe to those workers willing to step forward with a simple, “Here I am. Whatever I’ve got, use it God. For Your kingdom. For Your glory. For such a time as this.”

Here’s to the next 52.

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