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Embassy update

Hi everyone – just a quick update to let you all know after another night of waking every couple hours and fumbling for our phones to check email, we received an email this morning from the Embassy. They are requesting a phone number for one of the police officers involved in Lulu’s case, most likely so they can conduct a phone interview with them. There is also a document that contained a translation error that is being fixed and needs to be returned to them corrected. This is something we caught a couple of weeks ago, so we are hopeful it is already fixed and can be taken back to the Embassy very soon. Specifically we are praying for all the necessary pieces of information to be gathered and provided to the Embassy by tomorrow (Thursday), and for any phone interviews to take place without delay. We are praying these bits of information will provide enough evidence for us to be cleared to travel as quickly as next week. We continue to get caught in delays from the holidays, as the Embassy was closed Monday for MLK day and they will also be closed on Friday this week for an Ethiopian holiday. These holidays on the heels of the Christmas/New Year holidays, on top of the time difference between here and Addis, has us digging deeper and deeper for patience and trust than ever. We are so so ready for some positive news, and are incredibly grateful for the small steps forward today. We will update as we know more – and I apologize for the hasty, unedited post but wanted to keep you all up to speed so we can be unified and timely in our prayers. If you are a night owl and think of us, please pray tonight (around 11:30/midnight CST) as the Thursday work day begins in Ethiopia.

Thank you and Love to you all,

-Sarah & Rob

  • carmella white - Hi Sarah i try to keep up with Betty on lulu i will say a prayer tonight as i have included you in my daily prayers good luck to you bothReplyCancel

    • sarahrichmond - Hi Carmella! You are the best – thank you so much for checking in on us and for your prayers.ReplyCancel

  • Amy Spencer - Praying!!! I know at the end every HOUR hurts, much less days. Love you guys and agreeing with you in prayer.ReplyCancel

  • Jeanie Davis - It is 11:20 pm and I am praying for a move of the Holy Spirit in a BIG way! I am standing and believing with you and your family :)Much love,

    • sarahrichmond - Love you Jeanie and recall your prayer over us before court almost daily. Thank you for being a vessel of encouragement and confirmation for us!ReplyCancel

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