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Photo May 14, 10 22 43 AM

Already tardy in starting our homeschool day, hurried hands fumbled to open the first textbook. Poised and anxious to dive in to “catching up,” I caught out of the corner of my eye our family devotional book set on the table. A short internal back-and-forth played out in mind as fingers flipped geography pages. “We’re getting a late start as it is…The kids never seem to pay attention to the devotional anyway…” All my typical excuses to keep plowing through, to keep the train on time…on time, maybe…but where were we headed? The destination hoped and prayed for, or barreling down a seemingly smoother, albeit apathetic road?


Closing the book in my hands, I picked up the devotional- deciding the retreat of a few small wayward steps now was better than risking a long day spent journeying together with these small souls without proper food or water. I can be a slow learner – so many times choosing to charge ahead regardless of direction, tunnel-visioned as warning signs of bumps in the road or steep inclines approaching go whizzing by. So quick I am to lament in discouragement when the wheels fly off, never stopping to acknowledge I am the one behind the wheel. Playing victim to parenthood and all its messy, without owning the fact, I am driving and my young passengers are for better or worse, strapped in for the ride….

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