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The director of our agency’s Ethiopia program was in Africa last week and was kind enough to send us some new photos of our girl. She is growing so much- hard to believe she was just four months old when we first laid eyes on her. I can see from one of the photos her teeth have started to come in- she had not gotten any when we were there in November. The note the director sent with these said Lulu is a very sweet baby, busy and funny. It’s funny how three simple adjectives can refill a doubting heart with the reminder of God’s promises and design. Of course she is sweet, busy and funny- these words are used to describe her big brother and sister nearly on a daily basis. No mistakes, no happenstance, Lulu was created to fit in our world. How I cannot wait to write the future post wherein I say, “it’s as if she was here all along.”

We love you sweet, busy, funny Lu. We will forever fight for you.




  • Stephanie W. - Sarah, I am praying for you. What beautiful pictures of Lu. I’m very glad you are able to have these new pictures in the midst of your waiting. Looking forward to break through soon. Love, Stephanie W.ReplyCancel

  • Brooke - Oh how I love her.ReplyCancel

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