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The Living Room Sundays

After three months from the living room, this Memorial Day weekend marked our little community’s final service as a house church.View full post »

Putting a face to our prayers

Day Two: May faces fuel our prayers, our voices, our powers that be; May it be the faces of families, of fathers taking sons to school, ofView full post »

Rewriting the ish

“It smells like candy out here, Mommy.” The country air dripping in honeysuckle breezes, I breath in deep; she is right. LikeView full post »

with purpose to fight

If we are connected on social media, you have seen me write often about our white deer. I use the term “our” as she truly hasView full post »

Life Friends

Lulu is missing her friends. She spent the first year of her life in a room full of playmates, and just like that they are gone from herView full post »

Now that we have seen

We have been meaning to share this short documentary about Project 61, one of the many organizations doing life-changing work in Ethiopia.View full post »

from our crazy to yours…

we wish you a beautifully merry Christmas! -love the RichmondsView full post »