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When it seems all the prayers have been prayed

When it seems all the prayers have been prayed We pray them again When words begin to taste stale upon lips, we ask for fresh seasoning andView full post »

History’s gradual repeat

Protests and riots, hate and vengeful intolerance – it is all there in the happenings of the world, scrolling across my screen fromView full post »

Putting a face to our prayers

Day Two: May faces fuel our prayers, our voices, our powers that be; May it be the faces of families, of fathers taking sons to school, ofView full post »

Gethsemane Heart

When I awoke yesterday, it was there – the low unsettling in my stomach, signs of anxiety having stirred during a restlessView full post »


We have been home from our extravagant adventure for a couple of weeks already, but I am just now finding space and words to attempt toView full post »

Sea legs required

Deciding to move forward with this new blog site, to write again after a lengthy hiatus, came with certain trepidations, several rounds ofView full post »

the Sisterhood

We stood in the kitchen, open refrigerator door separating us. Quickly stirring my coffee, I gathered words along with my purse and carView full post »

Desperate extravagance

The announcement came forth, igniting a flame within. An upcoming sojourn, along the very paths Jesus and his disciples traveled – anView full post »

Watchful, Expectant, Brimming

Along the horizon, while the sun softly lowers the day’s curtain, an anticipation rises, bubbling up within. Quiet Hope inView full post »