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The Buoyancy of Fall

Recently, on the fringes of this latest holiday season, I received an internal invitation of sorts. It arrived as I stood quiet andView full post »

When Joy seems to have missed the morning

When on a Monday morning, I start to write about the manic messiness of the mundane- the one missing sneaker when it’s time to leave, theView full post »

On intentionality, nature and racing gocarts

Imagination and nature at play 💙 • I could slap a whimsical, scholarly quote and a few dozen hashtags here to furtherView full post »

When you can’t see the gold

When on a Monday morning I don’t necessarily want to consider the trial all joy- resolution and peace are more on my breakfast menu.View full post »

When I still forget after 30 years

Mount of Olives, overlooking Jerusalem (image taken June 2014)   Last night in a conversation with my husband, I was talking to himView full post »

When you could come Alive a little more today

“Most of the things we need to be fully alive never come in busyness. They grow in rest.” – Mark Buchanan// The momentsView full post »

Clarity in the doubt

Where do you go when needing to be reminded of who you are, and whose you are? For several years, I have continuously been drawn to theView full post »

Pink shoes and labor pains

Dear Emma, Twelve years ago these bubblegum shoes, along with my very pregnant, hospital-gowned self, waddled the halls of aView full post »

Learning When its Time to Take a Seat

This weekend I experienced what can only be described as a remarkable gift,  one I don’t expect to ever forget. In God’sView full post »

When the art feels too fragile

However it is you bring forth the art God places within- go and do. Please. We need you. Our world needs your words, your painting, yourView full post »

Pumpkins & Puppies

If only life was all puppies and pumpkins. Alas, there are a lot of hard, ugly in-betweens to our days not pictured here, and yetView full post »

my awefull instagram

I spend so much time and emotional energy anticipating the needs or struggles of my kids during periods of transition, but neglect toView full post »