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On the thanksgiving of Advent

It struck me anew this week how the Gregorian calendar places our season of Thanksgiving immediately prior to our season of Advent.View full post »

On intentionality, nature and racing gocarts

Imagination and nature at play 💙 • I could slap a whimsical, scholarly quote and a few dozen hashtags here to furtherView full post »

Pink shoes and labor pains

Dear Emma, Twelve years ago these bubblegum shoes, along with my very pregnant, hospital-gowned self, waddled the halls of aView full post »

Pumpkins & Puppies

If only life was all puppies and pumpkins. Alas, there are a lot of hard, ugly in-betweens to our days not pictured here, and yetView full post »

my awefull instagram

I spend so much time and emotional energy anticipating the needs or struggles of my kids during periods of transition, but neglect toView full post »

The Living Room Sundays

After three months from the living room, this Memorial Day weekend marked our little community’s final service as a house church.View full post »

The Voyage: As a Family We Go

Mercy, this post… I have attempted to write it in my mind for weeks now- mentally placing word patterns in such a way as to properlyView full post »

The Kingdom of Heaven is Like a Craft Store

Parenting has given me a deep appreciation of several things–locks on bathroom doors, chocolate covered almonds in bulk from Costco,View full post »

Detour Ahead

Already tardy in starting our homeschool day, hurried hands fumbled to open the first textbook. Poised and anxious to dive in toView full post »

rain drop miracles

I was reminded this morning how miracles don’t always arrive as instantaneous lightning bolts and flash floods of relief. The small,View full post »

Lessons from the Vine

This garden tomato isn’t the prettiest- she has flaws, rough spots along the skin and is just kind of dirty- worn from the elementsView full post »

Chase down the sun || 2014 Year in review full post »