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Can’t have one without the Other

I will never understand why we can’t manage to coordinate the start of big-kid school with that of preschool for the littles. Powers that be, can you work on that please? Us mothers who have been running the elementary school carpool or three weeks now while our preschooler asks for the 7,000 time today why he can’t go to school as well would sincerely appreciate it! Okay, rant over. Today was finally Asher’s turn for school and he was quite thrilled. We hope next year to have both he and Emma at the same school which will be its own explosion of cuteness in uniform polos and khakis, but for now we are loving watching this little man grow up in height, humor and mischief. Well, I personally could go without all the mischief, but one day I know I’ll think it was such a “fun” stage. maybe.

We love you Ash-man! Lulu is a little lost here without you, but she is consoling herself by walking around in your shoes and chewing on your toys. I know you secretly love that about her.

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