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BNA to MSP to AMS to ADD

We have made it through our first of six flights over the next ten days. Nearly there! 😉 It was of course a fair bit of crazy getting three of us out of the house this morning while trying to love on Asher who we left in charge while we are away. He naturally believes he is in charge regardless of what continent mom & dad are on, but that’s beside the point. Oh, and just so I don’t get hate mail- by “left in charge” I mean he is staying with his grandparents.

God continues to be near and show us in various ways how He is very present on our latest adventure. The notes and voicemails several of you have sent yesterday and this morning are as refreshing and sweet as this new spring season. And a friend passing through the Nashville airport this morning, greeting us at the door and praying over us- a gift only a God of details could orchestrate. We want to take it all in- every gift planted in our path. May we be open and awake(!) to recognize them all.
We are scheduled to take off from Minneapolis to Amsterdam about 4pm and will greet the Dutch Starbucks at 6:30am. I’ll try to update again while enjoying my latte and scone on the other side of the Atlantic. xo

  • carmella white - have a safe trip sarah rob and emmaReplyCancel

  • Anne - I’m so excited for you I could nearly burst, its coming out my eyes in tears right now!ReplyCancel

  • Brooke - Such an exciting adventure!! I’m so happy you had a friend at the airport to pray with you. So cool.ReplyCancel

  • Cora Cluver - Praying for uneventful safe travels! I pray for sleep for Emma. I won’t even bother with praying for sleep for you guys. Who could sleep???? Love and hugs.ReplyCancel

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