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When my foot has slipped…

O Lord, God of vengeance, God of vengeance, shine forth! 2 Rise up, O Judge of the earth, Render recompense to the proud. 3 HowView full post »

Sun Starved

The sun had been shining full and bright in our January skies for three days straight, bringing with it a tangible lifting of souls. My ownView full post »

Chase down the sun || 2014 Year in review full post »

My Divinely Blue Christmas

I haven’t been able to put my finger on it – the blanket of heaviness quietly settling over me sometime between dancing in theView full post »

Traffic jams and terror

The minis and I were stuck in terrible traffic for over an hour earlier today. Hungry and tired after hashing out some challenging behaviorView full post »

Lessons in un-braiding

It always pains me to take Lu’s braids out- thinking of all the work they are to create. Most often the majority of the style remainsView full post »

The Clarity of Benediction

Day Five: Though the mirror I look through be dim, my path remains lit a step before my stride While I wrestle with justice- grieving withView full post »

When it seems all the prayers have been prayed

When it seems all the prayers have been prayed We pray them again When words begin to taste stale upon lips, we ask for fresh seasoning andView full post »

History’s gradual repeat

Protests and riots, hate and vengeful intolerance – it is all there in the happenings of the world, scrolling across my screen fromView full post »

Putting a face to our prayers

Day Two: May faces fuel our prayers, our voices, our powers that be; May it be the faces of families, of fathers taking sons to school, ofView full post »

Gethsemane Heart

When I awoke yesterday, it was there – the low unsettling in my stomach, signs of anxiety having stirred during a restlessView full post »


We have been home from our extravagant adventure for a couple of weeks already, but I am just now finding space and words to attempt toView full post »