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Divinely Entwined

We received another piece of good news yesterday, bringing us one small step closer to being reunited with Lulu. After months and months ofView full post »

Embassy update

Hi everyone – just a quick update to let you all know after another night of waking every couple hours and fumbling for our phones toView full post »

The beautifully afflicted life

It has been two weeks now since our case was submitted to the Embassy, and we know little more at this point. We did receive confirmationView full post »

The Final 6.2

Sweet, Amazing, Supportive, Prayer Warrioring Friends- We received an email this morning not only answering prayers, but exceeding themView full post »

faith, hope, love

Last night as I headed to bed Rob and I talked about going to sleep full of hope for a flurry of good news for the day to follow, whileView full post »


I turned 34 yesterday. And in thinking over the road ahead of 34, I spent a lot of time reviewing the journey of 33. It is believed JesusView full post »


Hi everyone – We have been home for two weeks now, and coming back to the Christmas season has proven to be quite chaotic. TheView full post »

Almost there

Good morning, or evening- no wait, afternoon! Too many time zones and too little sleep, I have no idea what time it is. Just wanted toView full post »

See you soons

Friends- Managed to find Wi-fi for just long enough to get this out. We have to say “see you soon” to baby Lu today and thenView full post »

With Thanksgiving

Hello beautiful friends- It is about 9pm Thursday evening here in Addis, and I am sure many of you are sitting down to tables of turkeys,View full post »

We made it!

Hi everyone! We have arrived in Addis Ababa and are settling into our room to try to get some sleep. It is tuesday night about 11pm here.View full post »

Away we go!

We are preparing to board our first flight in just a few minutes and will arrive in Ethiopia Tuesday night. Thank you for all your prayersView full post »