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And she’s off!

The truth of the matter is Fasi has been on the go-go-GO from about the very moment her tiny toes tested the waters of freedom back in March. I remember distinctly on our second day together with her thinking, “Oh my, I do believe we are in for a very different road than I had anticipated,” upon realizing our tiny Ethiopian babe, had a powerful pair of legs to get herself places and a mighty will to make it happen.NOW! She has not slowed in the slightest, only increased in speed and recklessness bravery regarding her adventures. We shall see where those little powerhouse legs will take her, but for today it was sweet to just watch Lulu run free in a place that ached for her to join into the abundance of life found on the simplest of afternoons.

  • Anne - Sarah, Ephrem is enthralled with this video! He hasn’t sat for so much as a commercial since he’s been home but he sat and watched this six times in a row sighing more more more each time it ended! I wonder if recognized your girls, or your voices, or just wished he was there running with LuluReplyCancel

    • sarahrichmond - Oh my goodness Anne – that is so sweet and a little heart-breaking knowing we are so far apart! E left a lasting mark on all of us for sure. xoReplyCancel

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