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Addis Ababa, Thursday 9pm

We made it! It is a pretty brutal trek, but Emma did remarkably well all things considered. She finally allowed herself to be still long enough to sleep and thanks to a less than full flight we were moved to a row of 4 seats for the 3 of us, so she laid across two chairs between Rob and I.
We learned from our last trip to get off the plane ASAP and hustle to the VISA line, and it paid off as we made it into line with only a handful of people ahead of us. Our bags took their sweet time finding their way out, and after a minor delay when we couldn’t find our driver (airport security had not let him in where we were expecting to meet). After a few quick calls and iMessages to our attentive travel agent (thank you airport Wi-Fi and Skype) from our iPhones we found our driver and made it to our guest house about 11pm.
Friday, March 15th, 9:30a:
This morning Emma is feeling the brick wall sensation known as jet-lag, but has perked up some after breakfast. We are packing up our things now to go reunite with our sweet Lu. Our driver should be here about 10:30a. I can’t believe as I type this we are just about an hour or so away from forever. Such a strange process – no water breaking or contractions or long night of labor to mentally prepare for new life. Our great labor pains have surfaced in their own ways over these months, and Lulu is already so woven into our family I feel in ways it’s as if we were never not a family.
We are not having much luck with finding Wi-Fi this trip thus far, so I will upload updates as we can. Please know we are safe. Rob could use prayer for an impending sinus infection. We are tired, but also so so elated to finally be in this place. Ethiopia is special – I can’t explain it. It is a gift ans an honor to experience life here.
All our love friends – my next update will hopefully include news of our reunion!

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