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sarahheadshot-2_webHi y’all! (After living in the south for nearly two decades I am finally embracing my “y’all” –  there truly is no going back.)

My companions on this earthly pilgrimage include my husband of 19 years, our three human children (the minis) ages 11, 8 and 5, and our one puppy-child, Hurley. My husband and I are both yankee-born, but following college relocated to Tennessee and have been here ever since. Until a few months ago our crew was settled just outside of Nashville on a little over five acres of what is affectionately known as Wonder Grove. Ahhh – the simple life, we had finally achieved it. I should know better than to make statements such as this, even if whispered silently to myself and God. Apparently, the quiet, country life was only to be ours for a short season because just 3 years into our “forever,” we felt the call to Knoxville to help start a church with some of the best people we have ever known. I wrote about that decision and process here for any of you fellow full-story seekers.

My writing has been a bubbling there under the surface sort of fire for much of my adult life, but I have never given it a defining role or space. Following the birth of my first baby, my husband set up a URL for me and one day said, “here. write.” He’s always had a way, that guy. For the next few years, I dabbled and avoided, and basically wrote periodically at best. Then in 2010 after beginning to write about the process to adopt our third child, I soon discovered our quiet adoption story quickly had grown into a large community of lovely people, all praying for one baby girl to come home. It was through that experience when my eyes were opened to the thread of suffering and Hope of God’s promises, weaving our lives together.

Now, another handful of years have passed and the fire of words bubbles higher within. So here I am reworking blog pages and bio sections and thinking about all the wonder yet to be cultivated from the days in which I walk. Wonder is always sweeter when shared – so thank you for being here. My ache is to live and love well and with any hope use the words God gives to help you do the same. Awefully Yours, -Sarah