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A Hard Bend in the Road

In the early hours of the day we received an email from the USE that our case indeed had already been sent to USCIS in Nairobi. I realize for most of you, the question is then ‘what does that mean?’ We also are asking that question at some level ourselves. The basics are: based on the evidence provided and the investigation into Lulu’s orphan status conducted by the US Embassy, they were not able to grant her a VISA at this time and have sent her case to US Immigration for their review and ultimate adjudication. USCIS will either:
1. clear us based on the evidence and USE investigation.
2. or they will issue a RFE (request for evidence) in our case. This is hard news to digest as it would be on us to conduct an investigation there on the ground by hiring a local investigator, lawyer, and/or going ourselves to Ethiopia to gather the evidence. This would mean much more time and much more money that we simply do not have.
While we have obvious concerns of what this could mean, we also are hopeful the USCIS is equipped to view our current evidence and clear us. We have the utmost confidence that Lulu is indeed an orphan, and we pray USCIS will also make this determination upon reviewing our case.
We were told it will take 3-5 business days for our file to arrive in Nairobi. We pray this is a speedy transfer.
We continue to pray for favor and integrity over all those who are assigned to our case. We pray for immediate clearance upon review. We pray for Lulu’s health and heart. We pray for our strength and hope to be renewed hour by hour. And most of all, as we have prayed throughout this process, may the story that brings God the most Glory be the one that is written here on the pages of our family’s lives. We are weary and hurt and disappointed beyond words, but God is still very near to us, He continues to reveal His nearness every day and it is how we continue to find breath when the circumstances around us take our very breath away. Please do not let your hearts break for us friends, but instead join us in grateful expectancy for God’s glory to be revealed as we continue steadfastly to seek after Him to bring our daughter home.
All our love,
-Sarah & Rob

  • Chance Scoggins - My heart does break a little… I can’t help it. But my faith is strong that your steps are ordered, and that confidence obliterates the fear I felt as I read your post. We join you in your prayers, and remain eager to celebrate sweet Lulu’s arrival… in its perfect timing, and not day later.ReplyCancel

    • sarahrichmond - Love you and Jen, friend. We will stand firm, we will fight, and then will celebrate as God’s Glory falls around us.ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Waldrop - Praying for you all and precious Lulu in this journey. I can’t imagine how hard this must be to endure, so I’m praying that Jesus will draw very near to you and give you His great peace so that you might run this race with strength and patience and courage. Much love to you!! Steph-ReplyCancel

    • sarahrichmond - Steph – thank you so much for reading and praying for us. I hope you are well and again, thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Cora Cluver - Feeling frustrated and hurt on your behalf, but also continuing in prayer and expectation that God’s glory will be revealed and that his timing is perfect. Praying for a thick blanket of comfort and peace to fall on you as you wait…..ReplyCancel

    • sarahrichmond - Cora – you are one prayer warrior I am blessed to have in my corner. xoReplyCancel

  • Amy Spencer - I have no words. Just love and prayer….ReplyCancel

    • sarahrichmond - No words necessary luv. I’ll totally take the love and prayers though. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Kristyn Hogan - Thank you for this:

    “We pray for our strength and hope to be renewed hour by hour. And most of all, as we have prayed throughout this process, may the story that brings God the most Glory be the one that is written here on the pages of our family’s lives.”

    This changed my heart so so much today in a situation that has been so heavy on my heart. It has been such a roller coaster over the last months and though I will always say I want the Lord’s will in my life, God’s word through you came at just the right time this morning in a way that it hadn’t before. Those words were an answer to a prayer I prayed over and over again yesterday.

    God is so faithful.

    Though it doesn’t make this struggle any easier your family, thank you for sharing it. It has changed mine.ReplyCancel

    • sarahrichmond - Kristyn, I don’t know what to say. I hate that you are in your own fight, but know this is the reality of living in a world we are not created for. I am grateful for God to have confirmed His heart for you by way of our walk – it is a gift. Love to you as you continue to stand in the face of the wind.ReplyCancel

  • Katie - I have so much faith that He is already in tomorrow, next week, next month, working out all the details for you. And that He is surrounding your baby girl with love and light while she waits to be reunited with you-her loving family. Sending you all my positive energy.ReplyCancel

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