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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Desperate extravagance

The announcement came forth, igniting a flame within. An upcoming sojourn, along the very paths Jesus and his disciples traveled – anView full post »

Watchful, Expectant, Brimming

Along the horizon, while the sun softly lowers the day’s curtain, an anticipation rises, bubbling up within. Quiet Hope inView full post »

The Tracing back of Wonder

It was June, just about four years ago now, when I sat in that midwestern church, immersed in the fog that accompanies grief. HalfView full post »

Monday’s prayer: Peter’s Poem

Years of wander, Wayward, hamster-wheel living. Seeking minus surrender; another turn of the squeaky wheel, panting from a pace frantic, aView full post »

with purpose to fight

If we are connected on social media, you have seen me write often about our white deer. I use the term “our” as she truly hasView full post »

Monday’s prayer: Artist’s hand

Good morning, Monday. Hello there, fresh week. I see you too, familiar old obligations and to-dos. There you loom, poised to impose andView full post »